Healing Your Relationship with Food & Your Body

‘At the heart of every eating disorder there is a cry from the deepest part of your soul that must be heard. It is a cry to awaken, to embrace your whole self and deepen your understanding of who you really are. It is a longing to know yourself mind, body and spirit’

(Normandi & Roark 1998: 119).

Struggles with food and/or our body represent an inner need to find connection with self & a deeper sense of meaning in life. As women, we use food as a crutch; as a way to stifle the voice within that is crying out for self-expression, purpose, hope, a sense of connection & of belonging, of mattering, of being seen & heard.

This is the Heroine’s Journey.

It is an invitation to step forward on the path to soul healing & reconnect with your deepest knowing that all you need in within:

  • identify and release the beliefs that cause you to turn to food

  • heal the emotional pain that feeds your disordered eating

  • reclaim the parts of self that have been lost through self denial & punishment

  • grieve the losses that lie beneath your issues with food

  • learn how to self soothe without using food

  • learn how to remain present and in your body when strong emotions arise

  • create healthy boundaries so food is no longer needed as a form of control

  • feel safe enough to allow yourself to be seen, rather than using food as a form of protection

  • re-establish how to give and receive pleasure from your body

  • create loving connections with self and others

  • heal the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual causes of your disordered eating

It is my privilege to walk this path with you.

If you are ready for a different future, please email me on rosanna@itsnotaboutfood.com.au


Shamanic Healing Sessions

Deep spiritual healing creating lasting change on all levels.


Coaching For Food &Body Healing 

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