Workshop & Speaker Engagements

As a workshop presenter or speaker, my goal is to inspire and provide the knowledge and tools your group participants need to achieve lasting change in the way they relate to both food and their body. 

My messages touch the heart and engage listeners to their own inner power. I have been teaching, leading workshops, and presenting seminars to GPs, psychiatrists, health professionals, children, teenagers, carers, cancer survivors, individuals living with a mental illness, women with experience of living with domestic violence and many others for the past 25-years.

Each workshop or speaking segment is tailored to your audience's needs, however below are a number of potential workshop or speaker topics:

Sea Shell
  • Healing your relationship to food

  • Finding nourishment beyond food

  • Transforming adversity into personal power

  • Body intuition - learning to listen to your body

  • The lessons of emotions

  • Feeling our feelings

  • Beyond food cravings

It is my passion to share my experience and be the catalyst for other's growth.


Please contact me on to discuss the needs of your audience. Customised presentations and workshop are offered within Australia (travel fees apply).