Soul Coaching

Soul coaching gives you the opportunity to work with me face-to-face to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your food and body issues so that lasting change is possible. 


My role as your coach is to dig deep and unearth the causes of your disconnect with food and your body, and then provide the tools and healing to empower you.


My food and body image issues boiled down to one thing – the need to disconnect from my body, my emotions, my needs and from what was happening in my life. As our journey together progresses, I will guide and support you to not only remain present in your body when strong emotions arise, but also to take the action needed to start to satisfy your deep soul hungers.


We will work together creating a space where you feel safe enough to be vulnerable, raw and open to the transformation and inner growth that’s ready to occur. I believe that sustainable change comes about through loving kindness and acceptance and having someone by your side who truly understands the journey and challenges. I will celebrate your wins and be there for you when you find it hard to be there for yourself.


During our sessions we’ll explore your current relationship with food and your body, what it is you are truly wanting in your life and then uncover some of the obstacles, whether they be beliefs, thoughts or behaviours, that are getting in your way.


My focus is on steady progress and long-term change as we address all aspects of your relationship with food and your body: 

  • Physical: we will work on improving your eating habits so that you receive the nourishment your body needs, but can also overcome cravings

  • Emotional: we will acknowledge the emotions that you’ve been avoiding.  You will learn how to process them in a healthy way without needing to resort to food

  • Mental: you’ll gain awareness of how your thinking affects your eating, your moods and your behaviours. You’ll learn to build supportive thought and behaviour patterns to support rather than sabotage you

  • Spiritual: we will address any past life issues, ancestral trauma, soul loss or cords through shamanic healing so that you can live a life where your values and actions are fully aligned. 


 The way we work together will be tailored to what you need every step of the journey.


Undertaking coaching requires an understanding that growth and true change require commitment, dedication, courage and perseverance, but if you are ready for the hard work, the fun and the rewards, then I’d be honoured and privileged to be your coach and soul guide.


How Coaching Works

  • We meet face-to-face once a week or every other week

  • Together we create a vision for your health and your life

  • You will set goals that empower you

  • We will create strategies to overcome obstacles, triggers and challenges

  • You will be given practices to experiment with between sessions

  • We will work on embedding daily actions into your lifestyle to support you


You can book a single coaching session, or save money by booking a coaching package. Your first coaching session is 90 minutes, and all subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. So to find out how we can work together, please email me on