The Heroine's Journey Program

The Heroine’s Journey Program - a process of inner transformation and of coming back home to self, is currently being birthed and will be launched next year.

Through monthly face-to-face workshops and online group sessions, the 8-month program will take you on a heroic journey into the centre of your being, coming face-to-face with all that is holding you back from living a life of purpose, joy and meaning.


The workshops provide a sacred space for facing, honouring and healing unresolved emotional issues and unfinished developmental tasks that are impacting your relationship with both food and your body.

The Heroine's Journey, based on Maureen Murdock's feminine representation of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, is the psycho-spiritual journey of all women back home, which is always within. By undertaking the journey, through it's four stages:

Two Dried Leaves

1. Separation

2. Initiation

3. Ordeal

4. The Journey Home

and working with the body's seven energy centres, you are able to initiate deep healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 


The Heroine’s Journey requires bravery as it asks you to fearlessly leap off the edge of the known trusting that you will have what you need to face your fears, discover your hidden treasures, and return back home transformed. It requires you to answer the question; “What do I truly yearn for that I am using food to satisfy?” and then having the courage to ‘slay the dragons’, which are your unconscious beliefs, ancestral trauma and soul losses, in order to return home victorious.


On your travels you will become aware of the hungers that are deeper than food, so when you are able to bring your relationship with food into balance with your body’s intelligence, you will be able to feel the other soul hungers and illuminate all that needs to be seen heard and loved within.


You will be supported and guided every step of the way. So although each journey is unique as each seeker charts their own path, you are held safely within the sanctity of the group.

So if you feel that you have settled for less than what you truly desire and have been using food as a distraction, a coping mechanism, a form of control or self abuse, and are truly committed to doing whatever it takes to create a new way of being in the world, the Heroine’s Journey is for you.


Through the journey you will connect to your own inner compass, build your capacity to be your own guide and healer and come to the realisation that truly all you need is within.

As a sacred journey, only 12 places are available, so if you are ready for deep transformation, please email me on to reserve your place.