Soul Healing - Nourishing the Soul

If you are wanting to feel comfortable in your body so that you can be present and truly enjoy sex or to relish food for its flavor rather than using it as a coping or controlling mechanism, then it would be my honour and privilege to be your soul guide along the path.


The Heroine’s Journey begins with the first step – having the courage & true desire to make yourself a priority.

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient spiritual healing practice used in traditional cultures all over the world. It involves my travelling between different realities with the help of spirit guides to access deep, hidden issues that may be affecting your relationship with food & your body today.

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Workshop & Speaker Engagement

Are you looking for an insightful and knowledgeable speaker who can share not only her story, but integrate it with teachings from traditional & alternative medicine to inspire and create the momentum for change within your group? 

Soul Coaching

Coaching is a supportive but powerful way to achieve change in the way you relate to both food and your body. By working together face-to-face, we address the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual dimensions so that deep change is possible. It may include shamanic healing.

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Heroine's Journey Program

An 8-month group program delving into the depths of self. The you that begins this epic and courageous journey will not be the you that returns home.