Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a way of healing based on direct communication & interaction with Spirit with the purpose of restoring spiritual, physical and energetic balance.


The different techniques I will use include:


Soul Retrieval

From the shamanic perspective, when trauma causes us to partially or completely disassociate from our body, it can leave imprints within our soul or can cause certain parts of our soul to become disconnected, making us feel empty or constricted. This is referred to as soul loss and can influence your present day beliefs, thoughts, emotions and ways of responding.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Shamanic soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that provides the opportunity to reconnect to these lost aspects of your soul and heal the wounds on a deep soul level. With the assistance of helping spirits, I undertake a shamanic journey to retrieve the fractured and missing soul part(s) which are residing outside of ordinary reality and gently initiate the process of integration and healing.

Past Life Healing

Shamans believe that we have all lived many lives, and that some of these lives can have a negative impact in our current reality or life. Past life healing is based on the principles of cause and effect (karma), and the theory that the way you relate to others and situations in this lifetime can sometimes be due to unresolved issues from a previous life.

During a healing ceremony I will create sacred space and with the assistance of both mine and your spirit guides, I am shown what exists in a past life that needs healing. This healing of previous lives then ripples through and impacts you now in the present.

Cord Cutting 

Cords are energetic connections formed between individuals. They can divert energy from our life force, leaving us feeling drained and out of sorts. Cutting energetic cords allows you to clear old toxic patterns, emotions, past relationships, and any dependency that exists, so that you are able to come to a new understanding about who you are and move forward in a powerful way in your life.

During a cord-cutting session, I will locate where the cord is connected, and sever the cord with the assistance of helping spirits. Once the cord(s) is severed, the life force belonging to you is returned so that you are empowered by your own energy.

If would like assistance healing the spiritual aspects of your disordered eating, please email me on rosanna@itsnotaboutfood.cm.au